There are countless ways that you can get involved with the Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund, either as a patron or as a beneficiary.

One of those is to sign up to our Patreon account and become a patron. We want to help as many people as we can to get the justice that they deserve for themselves and their families. That starts with securing the funding required. Your support matters! By donating, you're directly making a positive impact on the lives of those who have lost family members and friends, or sustained significant injury to themselves. By becoming a patron, or with a one-off donation, you'll be providing much-needed legal, financial, and emotional assistance.




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Join our cause and help others in a similar position to yourself or, if you've not been adversely affected, you can donate in the knowledge that you'll be helping those that need it most. There are a variety of tiers through which you can become a member, from as little as £1 per month! Every donation makes a difference and helps us move those in need, one step closer to getting the justice they deserve.


Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund in uk

£1 / month

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Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund in uk

£5 / month

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 £10 / month

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£20 / month

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Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund in uk

Make A One-Time Donation

If regular giving isn't something you're able to commit to at this time, then a one-time donation of whatever you can afford never goes unappreciated all the same. With a simple donation, you can help people get the vaccine damage payment support that they need.

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Reviews & Feedback

Have a story to tell about how the CVIBL fund has helped you? Whether you're looking to tell everyone or are looking to report your story anonymously, we can make space for you to say what you need to say.


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Our Current Campaigns

We are proud to collaborate with CoviLeaks, a driving force for change in the Covid-19 vaccine landscape. By working together, we bring attention to underreported stories and facilitate the sharing of crucial data, fostering a greater understanding of vaccine-related issues. Through our partnership, we strive to create a more transparent and accountable environment for vaccine policies and decisions, ultimately benefiting those affected by vaccine injuries and bereavements.

Learn more about CoviLeaks and their ongoing efforts at

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