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Welcome to the Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund.

Our primary mission is to provide comprehensive support and assistance to individuals and families who have been adversely affected by Covid-19 vaccine-related injuries or have lost loved ones. Through a combination of financial aid for those unable to fund the legal process, to emotional support and advocacy, we strive to empower those impacted by these unfortunate circumstances and help them navigate the complex challenges they face. Learn more about the various ways we assist our community and how we work together to help people get the covid vaccine legal support that they need and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected.?


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Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund in uk

Mrs Kelly's Story

The Covid-19 Vaccine has caused an appalling amount of devastation, with injuries and deaths throughout the entire population. The loss of my wonderful mum from the AstraZeneca Vaccine, devastated my brother and I, but we fought on to get the truth and justice for her. We instructed medical solicitor Peter Todd, of Scott Moncrieff and Associates Ltd, to deal with the coroner and secure an inquest. This took 1 year and 5 months after my mother's death to be held. The pathologist confirmed to the coroner that my mother's cause of death was 'Pneumonitis Induced by AstraZeneca Vaccine' His words were;

“The AstraZeneca vaccine was fatal for Mrs. Kelly and she would be here today had she not be given it.”

Now, with this covid vaccine legal support, I wish to do all I can to help those who cannot afford legal fees and that have been affected, to get the justice they so rightly deserve!




Whether you are injured or bereaved from the Covid-19 Vaccines, we want to support you by raising funds on this platform, so that Peter and his team can take your case on. It may be that you need an hour of his time, or more. Each case will be assessed as to where it stands legally. We hope to have a favourable outcome for all, but that may not be the case in every circumstance.

We cannot guarantee anything other than offering you one of the best medical solicitors in the country, reviewing and advising the next steps for you, and guiding you forward legally.


Moving Forward

However, you can always return to us if more information comes to light about your medical circumstances. New information is coming out all the time in regards to the damage these Covid-19 Vaccines are doing or have done. For as long as we have donations, we will continue to support you in your legal fight.

You are not alone.

Thank you to all those who are donating and, in doing so, are helping us to move people's lives forward, get covid vaccine legal support and bring some peace and justice to those affected by the Covid-19 Vaccines.



Meet Peter Todd

I was admitted as a solicitor in 1994, so I have over 25 years post-qualification experience. I was an equity partner of a top 200 London litigation law firm for over 10 years until, in 2021, I joined Scott Moncrieff as a Consultant solicitor. I specialise in common law dispute resolution, public law and contentious costs and my practice areas cover a wide range of civil litigation, including inquests, catastrophic/fatal injury claims, claims for birth defects caused by chemical or pharmaceutical exposure and criminal injury cases. I have expertise in cases involving acquired spinal cord injury or brain injury, injury caused by vaccines, organophosphates, and various defective pharmaceutical products, under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

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How We Can Help

Our primary means of support is funding. If you or a family member have ben injured or bereaved as a result of the Covid vaccine, get in touch and let's see if you have a case. If you do, we can then help fund this for you.

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