Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund in uk


Covid Vaccine Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund

 Welcome to the Covid Vaccine Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund, a compassionate community dedicated to providing support, resources, and legal guidance to individuals and families affected by Covid-19 vaccine injuries and fatalities.

Our mission is to help those in financial difficulties to navigate the complexities surrounding vaccine injuries and empower them in seeking justice. We're here to help, with useful advice and guidance provided by legal professionals, as well as supporting individuals to get the justice they deserve.



Whether you qualify for funding from us will depend on the type of case and your financial circumstances. We would ask people to please only apply for this support if they are not in a financial position to proceed with their cases.


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Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund in uk

How We Can Help

We will try to offer legal and financial assistance to those affected by the Covid vaccines. This includes major and minor injury and helping the families of those who have been bereaved. Whether you received the Astrazeneca, Moderna or Pfizer version, you're entitled to our support. We're also able to help you pursue the VDPS (Vaccine Damage Payment) – a one-time payment of £120,000, if you have become seriously disabled as a result of the vaccine.

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Campaigns With Which We Are Involved

UK CV Family

Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund in uk

If you've been affected by the Covid vaccines and require support, you are welcome to get in touch with UKCVFamily 

UK CV Family is the largest online support group for those people who are Covid vaccine injured or bereaved in the UK. We are run entirely by volunteers, all of whom are vaccine-injured themselves. Formed in November 2021, we specifically focus on the needs of UK-based patients, providing help and advocacy; and actively raising awareness amongst the British healthcare system, media, and government. We also host online social events, in-person outreach events, provide MP and GP letter-writing support, and organise presentations from healthcare practitioners. As of March 2023, UK CV Family has over 1000 members, and approximately 50 new people join every week.  Membership is limited to people who have had adverse reactions from a Covid vaccine, unless the patient is a child, in which case their parent may join on their behalf. We also have a support group for families and friends caring for the vaccine-injured, and a support group for those bereaved.

UK CV Family is represented on the React19 International Coalition, a group of over forty individuals providing support to vaccine-injured communities throughout the world. The coalition monitors, discusses, and shares the latest research, government policy-making, media coverage, and possible treatment pathways from around the world. UK CV Family's presence within the coalition means that we are more aware of the latest medical progress regarding vaccine-injury than most doctors, scientists, and researchers within the UK.

Above all UK CV Family strives to be a caring, safe place for those affected, we take a neutral stance on the wider topic of vaccinations so that all feel welcome, regardless of their personal opinion. 



Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund in uk

The Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund is proud to work with a variety of different campaigns, ensuring that the truth behind the fallout from the Covid vaccines is made clear and that those who deserve justice get it.

CoviLeaks; based in the UK and Founded by Fiona Hines in June 2020, was born in response to mainstream media propaganda and government misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 'pandemic'.


We believe that the lockdown has had catastrophic consequences leading to excess deaths, poverty and severe economic damage.


We believe the lockdown and Coronavirus Legislation was wholly disproportionate and an offence on our human rights and civil liberties; we continue to fight for justice for those who have suffered, and we continue to stand against further attacks on our Freedom.

Fiona Hine - Covileaks and TruthBeTold Founder & Campaigner

'We strongly believe the 'vaccine' has not been proven safe or effective, is harming millions and for some, it has been fatal.

We have simple aims: To fight for our freedoms through action in our community, to seek the truth and to provide the truth through publishing what the mainstream media won't.

 You can help us continue our work...'



Vibs NI

Have you experienced a new or worsened health problem since receiving a COVID 19 Vaccine? The volunteers and Vibs NI are there to help connect you to a support networks, raise awareness and advocate for better healthcare services. 


Vibs NI